Underworld ★★★★

I needed to watch this movie a few times before I startet to like it.
Basicly it’s a simple action movie about vampires and werewolves fighting each other. And it delivers just that.
The problem is that the vampires seem to be weak compared to the werewolves. Why is that so? They basicly have superhuman strengh and speed (and some mind stuff). But when they only fight among each other you can’t see that. We had to wait until the sequel to see how strong and fast Selene is compared to a mortal.
The story is cool and back then it was a quite original approach to let werewolves use science. Sometimes the story slows down a little bit but there are enough twists to stay interesting.
Some actors are just great. Michael Sheen is outstanding. Bill Nighy gives a good performance as vampire elder and Kate Beckinsale … well … she looks hot.
So for what it wants to be it’s an entertaining more. But don’t expect more.