Underworld: Awakening ★★★★

Before I say anything about this movie: What do I expect from an Underworld movie? Vampires? Check! Werewolves? Check! Stylized Action? Check! A simple story? Check!
So … is this a good movie? I suppose not. But it gives me what I expect. So I will review it as an Underworld movie.
I like how the setting is changed after Underworld: Evolution. There are ideas that give a fresh touch to it. The new werewolf-designs are really cool though they still look too CGI in some scenes.
The story is okay, it keeps the action sequences together and some little twists are alright. Without giving too much away I really liked who was the true enemy.
One final thing to complain: I still have the feeling a charismatic villain is missing. Michael Sheen was extremely cool in the first movie and he left a gap in the story. Maybe in Underworld 5 we will get a cool new villain, we will see.
If you like dark action and want to see cool vampires and werewolves … turn your brain in standby and love this movie.