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This review may contain spoilers.

Before I review, I suggest watching this film without any context, it's just such a fun journey that anyone can enjoy it (unless you're blind and don't understand south Korean). I went into this not knowing anything about the plot, director or South Korean films in general and I came out completely exhausted from what was an emotional roller coaster.

First the plot, It was a mixture of a comedy, romance, drama, thriller, commentary on social classes and horror and yet it still managed to balance it all out, with each setup having a pay-off. I have some issues with the ending narration between the father and son, I feel like it could have just left you on a slow zoom into the dads face as he realises what he's done or been more creative with the story telling like the rest of the film had but I get why the film would want to end on a lighter tone with a simple bow to tie everything together and make it look better.
The characters were all so fun and worked with the story really well with the sister being my favourite, her laid-back con artist attitude is the best out of the whole family and the way she can switch from a bad-mouthed scammer to a strict mother-like tutor is great.
As for style the way the director made normal streets look so amazing was great as there were some really great stills that struck different chords with me. The music I don't really remember so I'll have to rewatch it to appreciate it more.
It's hard to say how original it was because I'm not familiar with South Korean but as far as I can tell it is a completely original script.
This film is going to stick with me for a while and its my first time with one of these films. Felt like it was strangely familiar but completely different, like a unique blend of all the films I’ve seen so far. Made me really emotional so clearly the film is doing something right. Definitely trying to make a message and it gets out clear, making me want to learn more about the social classes in South Korea and what I can do to help.

Overall, brilliant film that is working on a whole new level to other movies, it's really hard to rank it with all the American cinema I've seen because it is just so different.

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