Teen Spirit ★★★★

Elle Fanning is worth the ticket price of any movie she's in. Young actresses like Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, ect, in my opinion don't old a candle to Elle and its just a matter of time before she's in the same breath as Merel Streep.

Songs are good, her voice is good, the Mentor character Vlad was actually quite endearing and excellent. A brilliant actor as well. Even the mother character I'm glad wasn't the typical stone heart when their kids want to pursue their dreams, as she eventually and albeit cautiously gave her blessing.

Movie i felt cheated a bit with some plot reveal via montage that didn't exactly lay a strong foundation for an emotional payoff for certain things like the horse being sold off. But I felt like the 3 major characters all had some depth and the final performance and even more so Elle's reaction to it afterwards (that final hug with Vlad) were exceptional. She lays it all out in that performance, the anger of a missing father, the claustrophobia of a controlling strict mother, the embarrassment of highschool and how terrible both boys and girls can be towards each other. Fuck it all, and she laid that out in her final song.

Cinematography was fun, muted, there were times where either i felt like we could have exposed it a bit more, as I kept wondering if the projector bulb was burning out. Certainly didn't mind the low exposures for lot of it, but sometimes it just lacked some punch that i thought it needed and it distracted me as I was squinting at the screen.