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  • Victor Crowley

    Victor Crowley


    All hail, Victor Crowley!

    You can tell Adam Green loves and appreciates ‘80s horror. He gives his best effort in each film he makes, and Victor Crowley aka Hatchet IV continues the tradition. With crazy gore, including a tomahawk scalp, phone guts, foot squish, the ringtone of doom, Jason vs Michael Myers, face mush and airplane goo; Mr Crowley slices and dices his way through his victims, all while the jokes keep running. Parry Shen is the heart and soul…

  • Accident Man

    Accident Man


    Accident Man is the type of movie fans of Scott Adkins live for. It has Scott kicking ass and taking names, and it shows a humorous side to the British Ninja Warrior. Scott also helped pen the screenplay, and the supporting characters include: Darth Maul, Black Dynamite, Frank Castle and a precognition Twilight vampress. A couple of fight highlights include a Scott vs Spawn & Snake Eyes in a 1 v 2 handicap match and Scott talking dirty to a deadly…

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  • Whiplash



    Damien Chezelle's tale of a boy, his drums, and a teacher that speaks ever so loudly, and carries the biggest stick of badass this side of the Academy Awards, in one of the most heart pounding cardiac arrest breathtaking intense movies I've ever seen. The opening beat. The opening shot. The first time J.K. Simmons speaks. Groovy funky jazzy music makes all movies better. RIFIFI is the shit. Carter Burke? I knew Miles Teller was going to be special after…

  • Moonlight



    It doesn't matter who you sleep with, look like, voted for, your age, what part of the world you live in, your hairstyle, who your favorite member of Nickelback is, what type of car you drive, what music you listen to, your sex; a good movie is a good movie. You don't have to be a certain "type" of person to appreciate quality cinema. A great film should bring people closer, not rip them apart. That's what I got out…