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  • Wheelman



    Wheelman is a Frank Grillo vehicle in more than one way. It features Frank in around 99% of the scenes and Frank spends 99% of his time driving a car. Zoom! Zoom! Right? 

    Frank Grillo is one of those actors I live to watch of the screen. He’s a favorite of mine and I would enjoy him in a movie about rock throwing, paint drying or a guide to cutting your toenails. I’m biased about Frank, and one of the…

  • It



    Think of It as an R-rated Monster Squad, but instead of a group of monsters chasing kids, we have one Big Bad Wolf playing all the devilish parts by himself, and trust me, this fella is one badass motherfucker with a laugh and dance that would scare the rigamortis out of the dead.

    Pure evil. Your worst nightmare. A coming-of-age story. Summer fun. Summer love. Summer scare. Forever friendship. These are just some of the many themes of It. Derry,…

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  • Whiplash



    Damien Chezelle's tale of a boy, his drums, and a teacher that speaks ever so loudly, and carries the biggest stick of badass this side of the Academy Awards, in one of the most heart pounding cardiac arrest breathtaking intense movies I've ever seen. The opening beat. The opening shot. The first time J.K. Simmons speaks. Groovy funky jazzy music makes all movies better. RIFIFI is the shit. Carter Burke? I knew Miles Teller was going to be special after…

  • Moonlight



    It doesn't matter who you sleep with, look like, voted for, your age, what part of the world you live in, your hairstyle, who your favorite member of Nickelback is, what type of car you drive, what music you listen to, your sex; a good movie is a good movie. You don't have to be a certain "type" of person to appreciate quality cinema. A great film should bring people closer, not rip them apart. That's what I got out…