Casablanca ★★★★★

Bogey as Rick a bar owner in Casablanca who bumps into an old flame and the sparks fly in this all-time classic tale of true love. Awesome juggler. The monkey from The Hangover 2's grandmonkey. Back shot. Refugee roundup. Goofy Nazis. The doorman at Rick's has a badass hat. Cheerio? The first time you see Bogey. Sneaky Paul Lorre. Sam sure can sing. Flirtatious bartender. True Democrat? Ze Plane! Ze Plane! Real motherfuckers speak clearly with a cigarette in their mouth. Fashion nightmare mustaches. Cash in. Check out. Mr. Neutrality. Symbolic ring. The Forbidden Song. Casablanca is the story of a love triangle and the first time Rick, Iisa, and Victor are together they appear to be standing in a triangle. Broken watch. Sam is the motherfucker and should've been nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Here's looking at your fine ass Ms. Bergman. No questions romance. Fuckin' World War is a bitch. Champagne toast. Great dental work. Dear Richard note. Bogey's eyes. Victor ain't no snitch. Pimpin' pickpocket. Lucky bet. Jolly Carl. Joyful singing. Cafe shutdown. Sometimes the truth really does hurt like a motherfucker. Idle threat. Romantic kissy kissy. The shit we do for love or to win a bet. Bogey trickeration. Does anyone hold a handgun more badass than Bogey? I wish I had memories of Paris. The Captain's finest hour. Beautiful amigos. Casablanca is Hollywood pure cinematic gold. Bogey is perfect. The supporting cast is amazing especially Claude Rains as the Captain and Dooley Wilson as Sam. Zero is wasted. Every scene counts. I can't find a flaw. About as perfect as a film can get.

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