Children of Men ★★★★½

The Inside Man on a mission to save humanity. Sad fuckin' news. Kaboom mother fucker. Michael fuckin' Caine has cool hair and wears a fancy sweater. The youngest wanker on Earth. Fuckin' illegals. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday. Ganja is the shit. A cool-as-fuck dog with a contact-high. Why the fuck can't we make babies anymore? Zen music fuckin' owns. Flowers for Diego. Julianne and her job offer. A swan song. Chiwetel before captivity. A giant fuckin' pig in the sky. The Elite Unit. A suave fucker who wants to get laid. Games you play with your mouth. A holy-fuck-did-that-just-really-happen-fuck-fuck-double-fuck-triple-nipple moment. Solomon going all gangsta on some mother fuckers. Cigarettes will kill you. Bye-bye cow tits. A miracle. Hello kitty. A getaway car straight outta Fast Five. A clean-shot. Yummy noodles! It takes 9 months to have a baby. A little bastard who kicks. Strawberry Cough. An alarm. A fascist pig. Fuckin' gunshots. The smell of puke never goes away. Putting your best sad-face on. A MachineHead moment. Fuckin' labor. The greatest sound ever. Surprising Syd. Spit-in-face. Guerrilla warfare. Luke had a sister. Shocking the fuck outta everyone. A lifeboat. Theo's Titanic moment. Simply brilliant. A fuckin' badass soundtrack. Clive Owen will never be better. Alfonso Cuarón should have two Oscars for Best Director. A must watch.

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