Cold in July

Cold in July ★★★★½

An honest hardworking man and a convicted felon cross paths in this tense as no other dirty grimy moody edgy dark thriller. Ray Donovan's old flame? Always keep your pistol in a shoebox. Dexter's short mullet. Cheap gasoline. Who remembers the typewriter? Bloody sofa. Who doesn't drink beer before noon? Gravediggers. Sam Shepard's swagger. Dexter's Southern drawl. The score is intense as a motherfucker. It captures the dark mood to near perfection. Rick Grimes's hat. A tire torque wrench is a fantastic weapon to use against a burglar. Raining bullets. Midnight snack. Thunder scare. Fuck! This might not be a traditional horror flick, but Sam Shepard is one scary motherfucker. Crawlspace dweller. Choo choo train. Dirty muddy shoes. Jeff Grace is one helluva underrated musical composer. Water jug chug. Lucky zippo. Straw toy. Watching Don Johnson and Sam Shepard act is undeniable proof the coolest motherfuckers only get better with age. I'm deliberately not talking a lot about the plot. The less you know, the better for you. Adult time is always fun. Have I told you how awesomely awesome the musical score is? Hungry piggies. Fuzzy dice. Pinto baddie. Backwards nut kick. Bootleg porn. When you have no clue how to operate a VCR. Jim Mickle is one promising up and coming director. The way Sam Shepard squeezes the trigger of a gun. Mariachi band. Michael C. Hall proves to me he's so much more than the Ice Truck Killer's brother with his spectacular wide range acting skills. The magical mystical powers of the video rental store. Dexter's mustache. Busted eardrum. Shotgun ownage. Holy motherfucker! Could this be my favorite film of 2014? The realistic violence ain't no joke. Maury Povich moment. Fire burns and sometimes the truth really does hurt. Fuck yes! I was super excited before I watched Cold In July and I'm even more excited afterwards. That just doesn't happen too often. This film is the motherfucker and I can't recommend it enough.

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