Crawl ★★★½

Gator Chomp

Claustrophobic as fuck. 

Crawl makes your skin crawl. You’re not allowed to breathe as you witness the struggles of the DDD’s of horror: Dad, Daughter & Dog. Sound is used to capture the high tension of the tight spaces. However, sometimes the sounds of the actual storm are ignored. We don’t hear the rain, instead we hear the banging to distract the hungry gang of gators. We also witness humans standing still in 75mph wind. I believe it.

Crawl goes from one outrageous situation to another. Just when you think it is safe to go outside: CHOMP!! Gators are very hungry. Where did they come from? There’s a fuckton of gators. How did they train these gators? Obviously, they’re practical real gators.

Joking aside, Aja is turning out fine creature features. Crawl never outruns its runtime. Nice, mean and lean. See with confidence if you like movies like this.

MVP: Sugar

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