Creed ★★★★½

Creed succeeds on so many different levels. It is a sports movie with a heart of a champion. It is a movie about the relationship between a father and a son. It introduces us to Michael B Jordan's Adonis Johnson and allows him to develop his own story; all while having the legend himself, Rocky Balboa along for the ride in a moving and gut wrenching supporting role. It is emotional and might just bring tears to your eyes.

Gloves off to Michael B Jordan. He looks and acts the part of a boxer. All the boxing choreography is near flawless. The casting of professional boxers helps, a lot. The training montages are Rocky-esque. What I really like is the Rocky theme is played, but Adonis gets his own theme music, too. To me, this is an Adonis Johnson movie first, and a Rocky movie second. 

The final fight highlights how great of a filmmaker Ryan Coogler is. Pay attention to the 2nd round. The way it is shot is simply excellent filmmaking. 

Creed is all about never giving up. Sly gives such a humble performance. There's a very touching scene where Rocky is talking about his son, and it is from the heart and soul. Sly had just lost his son, Sage in real life, and the scene is one of the most powerful in the film. 

As a kid I would watch Rocky IV on loop. I was a huge Apollo Creed fan, and I would hope and pray that maybe if I kept watching his fight with Drago, the outcome might be different. I'm hopeful like hell the sequel to Creed has Adonis fighting Drago's son. I would give almost anything to see Adonis knock that motherfuckin' Russian out fuckin' cold!!

Creed comes highly recommended for fans of Rocky, sports, underdogs, colorful boxing trunks and family relationships.

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