Deadly Blessing ★★★½

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Is Deadly Blessing, Wes Craven's most overlooked film? Without it, would we have a burned nightmare on a certain street named after a tree? The bathtub scene, the creepy atmospheric kills and the dream sequences all have a Freaky Freddy Feeling.

I laugh how awful a thespian Sharon Stone is in this. She's very young, and the other two leading ladies act circles around her. Who would've guessed the other two would never act again, and Sharon would go on to play with ice picks in Basic Instinct and almost win an Oscar for Casino.

Deadly Blessing has a weird plot flow. You think you know whom the film will focus on, but then it does an odd turn, and puts all its attention on other characters. It keeps you on your toes. Plus, the red herrings are chirping non-stop. I didn't see a certain twist coming. You go, Wes Craven!

I would've given this 4 stars, but I'm docking points due to the fucked up ending, and the lead uses a body double. But, Ernest Borgnine has an amazing beard, there's a lot of social commentary on religion and there's a lot of strong female characters. They even have conversations with each other. : )

God Bless, Wes Craven!!

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