Death Proof

Death Proof ★★★★

Snake Plissken like you've never seen him before. The Alamo Draft House. A bogarter. Classic Tarantino dialogue about random fuckin' shit. The fuckin' car. Role playing. Jungle Julia. Donny fuckin' Donowitz. Flirtatious texting. Drinkin' with Richard fuckin' Gecko. The rain. The way RJ MacReady eats. Jack Burton's scar. Cherry Darling without a prosthetic. Stuntman motherfuckin' Mike's jacket. A pretty-pretty-oh-so-motherfuckin'-pretty poem. The fuckin' book. The worst time for a missing reel. Vanishing fuckin' Point. Whiplash. Head fuckin' on. Dr. Block. Lee's cheerleader outfit. Stuntchic Zoë. A mix-tape. Becky without Dante. Kowalski's legendary car. Hangin' with the cool kids. Fuckin' Jasper. The ultimate fuckin' rush. Binoculars. Demolition derby. High speed motherfuckin' chase. Turning the fuckin' tables. Fuck you Scary Movie 4! Wyatt Earp's laugh. BeatFUCKIN'down! Death Proof is a severely underrated film. Kurt Russell has played many iconic anti-hero badass motherfuckers. This time he plays a fuckin' sociopathic maniac and it's cool as fuck to see the darkside of Mr. Russell. Classic fuckin' QT dialogue. Mad fuckin' homage to classic Car flicks such as Vanishing Point and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. If you haven't seen those films, there's a chance you will not appreciate how fuckin' good Death Proof is. Is it QT's best film? No. But it's a damn fuckin' good fuckin' film truly at its best presented in its original lean and mean theatrical version.

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