Deep Rising ★★★★

Deep Rising is so much fun! Treat Williams channeling his inner Han Solo, shooting machine guns you would see in a game of Duke Nukem, while trying to survive a deadly attack from sea monsters who decided to eat the guests aboard a fancy cruise ship.

It's okay to laugh at the cringeworthy CGI. Ever try to make a practical sea monster bigger than the Titanic? Man, these monsters are scary, and they want to eat like the hippos in Hungry Hungry Hippos. In all honesty; Deep Rising is a bootleg version of John Carpenter's The Thing, sold straight outta the trunk of an '82 Cadillac.

What I love about Deep Rising is the lack of moral conscience characters. Everybody is in it for the money. There's no true good guys, only less bad, bad guys. Treat "Affordable Tom Berenger" Williams only cares about the paycheck at the end of the mission. So what if a group of pirates led by Wes Studi have weapons of mass destruction aboard his pimp boat. Cruise ship passenger, Famke Janssen is a thief, and her 007 charm is Goldeneye. Treat's sidekick, Kevin J O'Connor is high as a fuckin' kite. His humor will either annoy the snot out of you, or make you smile. The baddie pirates are paper thin, but you do get to witness a future Academy Award Nominee take a fire axe to the forehead, a baddie dresses straight outta Public Enemy's Fight the Power music video and Kano from Mortal Kombat suffers a reverse fatality. (RiP) 

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out who's going to live, and who's going to be sucked bone dry by the monsters. Deep Rising is pure popcorn entertainment from the director of The Mummy, and features a rad John Carpenter-esque musical score, fun adventure and lots of goo. I think it's underrated as a motherfucker, and maybe you should check out this forgotten B-movie gem.

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