Do or Die

Do or Die ★★★½

Do or Die is so much fun! Shane shoots a duck. Erik Estrada plays a game of exploding baseball. Bruce Penhall messes around with motorcycles, dune buggies and dirt bikes. Plus, Nicole licks salt off Bruce’s chest. That’s livin’! 

Another hilarious scene involves a magic waterfall and Pandora Peaks. Like really, you can’t have a waterfall magically appear, and Pandora not BUST out of her clothes. God Bless, Andy Sidaris. 

Pat Morita is the bad guy. He’s such a ladies man. The plot is brilliant: Six teams of assassins try to kill Donna and Nicole, and it is up to the entire team to help save the day. You can’t deny the genius that is Andy Sidaris. 

Oh yeah, Cynthia Brimhall sure can sing.

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