Droid Gunner ★★★

Beta males need not apply 

Should you watch Droid Gunner?

Do you fit into any of these categories?

Boobs. Must love boobs!
Matthias Hues- You know I love him. He kinda turns face in this. 
If Fred Olen Ray is your spirit animal- Don’t lie, I know you love Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.
Are you a fan of dialogue ripped straight from Predator?
If you think Ghost from GoT is the coolest doggy ever.
Are you Team Johnny? Cobra Kai never dies, bitch!
Remember gotta love boobs.
Are you macho? I’m still working on my how to be a macho man book. Expect it early 2026.
Ever been to a midget wrestling match? Asking for a friend.
Does bad dialogue make you laugh?
Are you okay with strippers with elf ears?
Like Science Fiction, but can’t stay awake through Blade Runner to save your life?
Are you a fan of special effects so practical, they look fake as fuck?
Do you remember Marc Singer?

Yeah, I have no idea why this has a 3 rating on IMDb. 

Who shouldn’t watch Droid Gunner?
Pretentious beta males.
Tree of Life huggers.
Dead dragons.