Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some!! ★★★★½

In almost every comedic movie I've ever seen, no matter how funny the overall film is, there's going to be moments of drama. It seems all comedic writers need to channel their inner Billy Shakespeare. What I adore about Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some is the closest we get to drama is the comment made by Jake, the character most of the movie is seen through, about Super Baseball Scout Pete Ward, not being real. The tension lasts for seconds, and that's it. The rest of the movie is simple lighthearted fun. Nothing more. Nothing less. Yes, the fellas want to hook up with the ladies. Yes, the fellas want to score more than homeruns. But, that's 1980's life for a powerhouse college baseball team in Somewhere, Texas USA.

The absence of adults. We have a coach with two lines, a bar bouncer with a firm grip, a Cotton-Eyed Joe DJ, a boring professor and a lunch lady with a love for fried chicken. That's it. No parents bringing their kids to school. No one is around to interfere with the weekend's activities. Zero buzzkill. 

It's all about the team. I would love a sequel with Jake and Beverly, but that's the second weekend of college. This first weekend is all about getting to know your teammates. Let's drink, smoke weed, talk game to the ladies, score, get rejected, haze, prank, play ping pong, play basketball, listen to records, run up the phone bill, party at the disco, fight at the disco, dance at the honky tonk, go punk for a 3 hour tour, throw a house party, find a cat in the fridge, go all Alice in Wonderland and don't forget about baseball practice. What a weekend!

The music. The Rapper's Delight rap is a lyrical car ride of joy. It could've happened, since Rapper's Delight was a Top 40 pop hit in January, 1980. Belle Epoque's Miss Broadway is the casual sex anthem with a pitch-perfect lyrical hook that's a tight fit for Everybody Wants Some's hookup scene. Foreigner's Urgent is so right for the desperate way one of our freshmen, puts on cologne. Who doesn't dance a crazy country tune to Cotton-Eyed Joe? Pink Floyd's Fearless always helps me remember how to take hits from a water bong. Who doesn't want to play baseball after listening to Devo's Whip It? Plus, The Cars' Good Times Roll is how you end a free-flowing movie like this. This is just a sample of the music that also features artists such as: The Knack, ZZ Top, Cheap Trick, The S.O.S. Band, Blondie, Queen and Van Halen.

The characters. I could spend an entire review on the cast and the dialogue they speak. That's how Linklater does it. Just like Dazed, this cast is unforgettable. Jake is the voice of reason. Finn is up for anything. I think everyone reading this review wishes they knew a girl like Beverly. McReynolds is the best baseball player on the team, and has an attitude to back it up. Roper will get by in life on his good looks. Jay needs to go back to Detroit and stop ordering screwdrivers. Willoughby is Kurt Russell's son, and the character that's grown on me the most on my rewatches. Plummer is a mumbling dumb jock. Dale has a lot of soul, and a hint of Charley Pride in him. Beuter is too naive to take serious. Brumley needs to shave. Coma needs a nap. Val knows what she wants, and Nesbit needs Gamblers' Anonymous. See my point about the characters?

Everybody Wants Some brings me pure joy. I've watched it 3 times and I think I could watch it 3000 more times and never get bored. It's gone from a fun 4 star movie, to an almost perfect 4.5 new favorite of mine. I have so much more I'd like to talk about. Like, what's the transfer policy for the baseball team, and how I think Jake and Beverly's phone conversation might be my favorite movie scene of all time. But, that's for another day. I think I want to watch Everybody Wants Some, again!! Right Now!!

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