Eve's Bayou

Eve's Bayou ★★★★½

Eve's Bayou is a forgotten gem of American cinema. It is a character study that doesn't give away too much, too soon. It rewards the patient viewer, and it also lets the audience decide what memories they choose to take away from the film. 

Eve's Bayou has a Southern Fried feel mixed with a jazzy New Orleans groove. The cinematography is gorgeous, and the landscape truly is a central character in the film. Kasi Lemmons' directing is near-flawless, and Amy Vincent's cinematography deserved an Oscar nomination. 

The star has to be Jurnee Smollett's Eve. As she acts way above her years. Also, Lynn Whitfield, Debbi Morgan and Meagan Good all bring awesomeness to the acting table. This might be the most reserve you will ever see Samuel L Jackson. He is not in your face, but he might haunt your dreams. 

I love the Southern charm, the vodoo, the coming-of-age, the power of words, the magic and the unknown of Eve's Bayou. It is a gift to cinema, and it begs you to unwrap and discover.

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