Extreme Prejudice ★★★★½

I believe Walter Hill's biggest strength is creating memorable characters. He's helped develop the Colonial Marines, the crew of the Nostromo, Reggie and Jack, Frank and Jesse, The Driver and The Detective and Spencer and Reece. I could go on and on. When Walter Hill is involved with a movie via director, writer or producer; the characters don't get overlooked. Extreme Prejudice is no different. It's a modern day western with a lot of Sam Peckinpah flavor. A Texas Ranger. His former best friend and now drug lord of Mexico. A woman caught between them. Plus, a special forces unit which reminds me of the A-Team. Saddle the fuck up!!

Nick Noltle vs Powers Boothe. Hold my beer, this is going to get good. Nick is the tough-as-nails Texas Ranger. Powers Boothe is the outlaw Cash Bailey. (Try forgetting the name, Cash Bailey) Maria Conchita Alonso is the Señorita caught in the middle of a love triangle. Ok, that's a movie. Now, add in a Zombie Special Forces Unit (means all the members are presumed dead, not extras on The Walking Dead), and it's going to be wild. 

Michael Ironside, Clancy fuckin' Brown, William Forsythe and Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds are the key members of the Zombie Unit. Yes, Walter Hill makes Lamar a macho motherfucker. William Forsythe is chewing cigars almost as fast as he's chewing up scenes. Michael Ironside does what we all expect Michael Ironside to do. Clancy fuckin' Brown is my favorite of the group, because he's Clancy fuckin' Brown. Each actor brings something special to characters that could easily be flat in other films.

I can't forget Rip Torn as the sheriff friend of Nolte. He's a sidekick, and we all know what happens to most '80s action sidekicks, but I don't think I've yelled as loud as I yelled when we witness his fate. I can't tell you who my absolute favorite character is. They're all badass motherfuckers. 

A couple of our awesome characters die important deaths during the movie. Each death, builds on the plot, leading up to a Wild Bunch shootout finale that's impossible to forget. The machoism between Nolte and Boothe is unreal. They're so macho, they make Randy Savage appear like a jobber. 

Extreme Prejudice had me on the edge of my seat. I smiled a huge grin watching Powers Boothe. I tip my hat to Ry Cooder's musical arrangement. I had wide eyes watching shit blow the fuck up. I cared for the characters, and I didn't want the movie to end. Quite possibly, one of Walter Hill's finest hours.

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