Good Time

Good Time ★★★★½

Remember when Robert Pattinson played an emo vampire? Squash that! He might’ve become famous from Twilight, but his star shines as bright as a diamond in the Safdie Bros’ Good Time.

Intense with a capital I. Good Time never lets off the gas as Robert tries his best to survive the night, and rescue his brother. The streets of New York City come out, and it is not all glamour and glitter, but the shady side you don’t see on any NYC guided tour or brochure. 

Pattinson is a mad man. He looks about as savage and as desperate as they come. His character only has one goal: To find his brother, no matter the cost or consequences. I had no idea the plot would flow like it did, but I can’t stop thinking about the amazing dialogue, fabulous editing, the psycho synth score and the haunting conclusion.

The Safdie Brothers are for real. Benny Safdie acts as good as he edits and directs. Benny’s Nick Nikas is one of those characters you will never forget, and Good Time is easily one of the most entertaining movies of 2017.

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