Gravity ★★★★

Miss Congeniality and The American as astronauts fighting to survive in mother fucking Space. The Macarena. Pretty blood-shot eyes. The fuckin' silence. Silly-ass Harvard grads. Tales of Mardi Gras. Bye-bye Facebook. DeFUCKIN'tachment. SPACESHIP! Houston, we have a huge-giant-ass-holy-fuckin'-fuck-shit-mother-fucker-fuck problem. A flashlight. The-face-of-death. Marvin the fuckin' Martian. The beautiful sunrise. Vodka. A game of Human-Pinball-Wizard. Fuckin' ropes. A Chinese lifeboat. Comfortably numb. Spaceship firefighting. Fuckin' Space. How the fuck do you say mayday in Kalaallisut? A pretty-pretty-so-pretty lullaby. Barking. A little extra battery power. Mama's red shoes. It's this or that mother fucker. Kissing the mother fucking atmosphere. Either way your ass is going home. Gravity fucks your mind. It's fuckin' beautiful to watch. It deserves critical praise and acclaim. I hope it sweeps all the technical and visual Oscars. A fuckin' fantastic viewing experience. I tip my hat to Mr. Cuarón for a job well done.

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