Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★

Emmet the LEGO as Peter Quill an outlaw cowboy space pirate ladies man with a code name who leads a group of misfits known as the Guardians of the Galaxy against an evil guy who will stop at nothing to destroy the universe. This group of misfits includes a sexy green chic, a tree creature, a talking raccoon, a WWE wrestler, and the best part is they turn the MCU world upside down in one of the best summer blockbusters in recent memory. Mixtape. Brave mommy. SPACESHIP! Junker? A Blood Diamond baddie. Magic ball. When you forget the name of your one night stand before she leaves. Troll doll. Merle Dixon. The first time you see Rocket and Groot. Stan Lee is a pimp. The way Zoe licks her lips. Glenn Close? Reed Rothchild. I wish my code name was Star-Lord. The birdie. Space Alcatraz. Batista without Evolution. Fuck scars. I wish Bradley Cooper was really a raccoon, it would've made The Hangover a lot more interesting. Automatic weapons. I wonder how long it took Vin to memorize his lines? Disappearing gravity. Never fuck with a man's Walkman. Piña coladas motherfucker! The way Rocket pulls your leg. Batista's vocabulary. Jackson Pollock is a fantastic painter. Che? Elbow grease. John Stamos is an outlaw. Groot's kindness. Fat lizard. The Footloose Legend. The ultimate oxygen mask. Damn! Quill's mask is the motherfucker. It's a cross between Darth Maul, The Rocketeer, and The Iron Giant. Rocket's teeth. Man purse. Cosmo the Space Dog. Sibling rivalry. Groot's sensitivity. You can do a lot of shit before you count to five. Star Wars-esque battle. Kevin Bacon moment. Groot light. Bazooka Batista. Merle's whistle. This one fighter pilot sorta reminds me of Wedge. Metaphor motherfucker! Rocket's growl. The Tree of Life. We are Groot motherfuckers! The right song. Dance off? Holding hands. Light show. Chris Pratt's jacket is so badass. Switcheroo. When Dave touches Bradley. The greatest gift ever. Groot boogie. Real motherfuckers listen to mixtapes using their Sony Walkmans. Quack! Quack! Holy summer surprise! GOTG is so much fun. I love how they used a fresh cast for this MCU film. Who knew Chris Pratt was leading man material? Who knew Batista could actually act? Bravo James Gunn for keeping it real. This film is not perfect. I didn't care for the real baddies but I have to give GOTG credit for not dragging too much. Rocket and Groot are this generation's Han and Chewie. They kicked so much ass and stole every scene. Does this mean I actually like Bradley Cooper now? Too enjoyable not to like. Fun! Fun! Fun! Go see this film NOW!

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