It Follows

It Follows ★★★★

It's out there. It will find you. It doesn't have to run or jog. It walks at a steady pace. It might change the way it looks. It's relentless. It's brutal. It will follow you, until it fuckin' kills you. Sounds like fun, right? For Jay Height, played by Maika Monroe, her personal hell starts after a consensual sexual encounter turns nightmarish, and what comes next might be the beginning of a new era in modern horror. Written and directed by David Robert Mitchell; It Follows is a game changer that doesn't rely on jump scares, a high body count, or buckets of blood. It does its own thing, and that's something I think is intelligent and worthy of strong praise.

I really like Maika Monroe. It took me two viewings of The Guest to fully appreciate how good of an actress she is. She's quite possibly the next great Scream Queen. She nails her role as Jay. She's not your typical "Final Girl." She's something more complex, and hopefully she continues to take roles like this, and evolve the "Final Girl" for the better.

Imagine if John Carpenter, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross morphed into one person? That's how badass the score sounds. It's the best part of the movie. I liked how the synth heavy score kept changing tempos. One second, it's something straight 80's throwback, the next, it's something new, deep, and unique. I'm really diggin' the trend from films such as The Guest and Cold in July, that proves the synth score sounds boss, no matter the genre, when done right. It Follows, has a team of sound mixers and boom operators that help create the creepy as fuck atmosphere, felt throughout the entire runtime.

The cinematography is dirty, but in a clean way. Mike Gioulakis, captures the outskirts of Detroit to perfection. It's gloomy. It's never too nice outside. It's not supposed to be. You should be creeped out, if something is following your ass. Krisz Drouillard, deserves praise for the special effects makeup. It's not a lot of effects, but it just feels right.

The supporting cast is fun, but probably not the sharpest tools in the shed. Lile Sepe, gives the best performance out of the bunch as Jay's sister, Kelly. She never goes full stupid, and that's a huge plus. The guy who plays Jay's boyfriend is just there. The other two guys Greg and Paul, make rocks look smart. Greg looks old. I couldn't tell if the lady he was with at the beginning was his mom or girlfriend. Yara is okay as the bookworm nerdy chic. I don't think these characters are supposed to be geniuses. I think it's David Robert Mitchell's ode to the past. It's kinda hard to name famous intelligent teenage horror characters.

It Follows could be a metaphor for the dangers of teenage sex. Have sex, start seeing crazy shit, maybe even die? It could also be a public service announcement for STDs such as Herpes or AIDS. Could It Follows be the gift that keeps on giving? I wasn't turned off by the last act, or the ending, like some others. I thought there was stupidity, but it doesn't take much away from my viewing experience. Seeing this at the movies helps a lot. Pay attention and you will pick up some key plot details. I hope my rating doesn't drop when I watch this at home. Something tells me it works better on the big screen. I'm a fan. I'm excited for whatever David Robert Mitchell does next. Just be glad this movie wasn't made at the peak of the AIDS epidemic. Chances are, if it was, a lot of you reading this, wouldn't be here. Highly recommended.

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