Joker ★★★★

I overheard a group of people talking afterwards about Joker. The question was asked: What was the point of the film? The answer is simple: To make you smile. 

In all seriousness, Joaquin murders it. You could make the case he has some of the biggest clown shoes to fill, since the iconic role of Joker has been legendary since the days of Cesar Romero. Throughout the film, no other actor even crossed my mind. That’s saying a lot. This is a performance we will never forget.

Isn’t this the day Marty S slammed comic book man movies? How ironic. Joker is way more Taxi Driver than Suicide Squad. Todd Phillips pays a lot of homage to old school well made movies. The same fella who directed those We lost Doug movies directed this fascinating character study about a boy who wanted to smile and be happy.

Gotham City looks dirty. Like NYC before Rudy G killed all the rats. I believe the Wayne Family storyline fits well with Joker. It felt right, and it would be interesting to see where this goes. I don’t think everyone will love this movie. I think some will expect it to be something it isn’t. However, my only advice to you: Watch With a Smile.

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