Moonlight ★★★★½

It doesn't matter who you sleep with, look like, voted for, your age, what part of the world you live in, your hairstyle, who your favorite member of Nickelback is, what type of car you drive, what music you listen to, your sex; a good movie is a good movie. You don't have to be a certain "type" of person to appreciate quality cinema. A great film should bring people closer, not rip them apart. That's what I got out of Barry Jenkins' Moonlight.

Mahershala Ali is the motherfucker, ain't he? Fuck yes! What a screen presence. The orange juice scene will stay with me for a very long time. For such a short amount of time on screen, Mr Ali knocks it outta the park like a Cottonmouth snake eats a rat. I thought once he left, the movie would drag, I was wrong.

I didn't expect to hear Goodie Mob, but what an entrance for newcomer, Trevante Rhodes. His license plate is a cool little detail. It's small details like the license plate and Kevin's hand in the sand, that makes Moonlight work for me. 

I consider myself a "Classic Man." However, watching Moonlight, has taught me there's all types of "Classic Men" and I salute you all.

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