Near Dark

Near Dark ★★★½

Caleb is a country boy who meets the ever so sexy Mae one night while out with his mates. They click instantly but something is wrong. Mae is a vampire and she has infected Caleb with a extra-kinky goodnight kiss. Caleb is adjusting to life as a vampire while dealing with Mae's dad and his bloodthirsty crazy vampire pack in Kathryn Bigelow's vampire road-trip action-packed adventure. Caleb's cowboy hat. Mae likes ice cream. Stars in the sky. Mr. Ed's stepson. Tug-a-rope. Near-dawn kissy kissy. Vampires don't like sunlight. RV snatch-n-grab. Hudson, Bishop, and Vasquez without the Aliens. Nut grab. Grand Theft Auto. Johnny Law. Vampire blood suck. Killer instinct. Hitchhiking. Daddy Tim Thomerson. Barroom beatdown. Extreme flirtation. The way Bill Paxton dances. Shotgun shells. KFC moment. Spurs. Another reason why Lance Henriksen is the motherfucker. Homer the Kid. Motel insanity. Mad dash. Earning your keep. Lance's ponytail. Vampire poker. Coke machine. Sassy Sarah. Family reunion. Spitting bullets. Blood transfusion. Warm to the touch. Slashed tires. Bullseye! The moment you realize Bill Paxton owns this film. Bye-bye big rig! Knife in mouth. True death. Reborn. 1987 was the year of The Lost Boys. While Near Dark isn't on the same level, it's still a fun film. Adrian Pasdar is believable as the naive Caleb but he gets a ton of help from a fuckin' awesome supporting cast. Without the Aliens alumni led supporting cast the film might've fallen flat. Lance Henriksen is the man. His voice and demeanor is so badass. But it's Bill Paxton whose star shines the brightest as the crazy as fuck Severen. I've always been a huge fan of his in Aliens and Predator 2, but this might be his finest early career supporting role. The little kid who played Homer is Jason Patric's half-brother. That's fuckin' ironic and cool. If you're a fan of vampire flicks check this out.

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