Night Fire ★★

Shannon Tweed as a desperate housewife who can't quite get in the mood for lovemaking. She's just not feeling it, and her husband isn't helping. He's a freak; a superfreak. He's always trying to spice things up, and she's getting less and less ready and willing. So what does the "good" husband do? He hires a sexually adventurous couple to pretend to be random strangers that by chance have car trouble right by Ms. Tweed's ranch home. They've been promised big money if they can recharge Shannon's libido. Will there be some couple swapping? Threesomes? Foursomes? Genuine orgies? Or, maybe something a lot more sinister? Night Fire is a freaky kinky late-night B movie that goes off in an odd direction and just keeps getting weirder. It's hard to really like, but it's hard to stop watching too.

How do you steal a movie from Shannon Tweed? (That's a tough task.) Well, if you give Shannon next to nothing to do, make her nude scenes feel forced, and throw in a super sexy brunette to counter Shannon's blonde bombshell, you might have a winner. Night Fire doesn't belong to Ms. Tweed; Night Fire belongs to the super sexy Rochelle Swanson as Gwen. Ms. Swanson knows she's hot, and she's not afraid to show it all off. She will kick your ass for kicks, flash you while you're driving, strip knowing you're watching her, make love in the hot tub, attempt to seduce you while you're slicing and dicing celery, and pretty much get naked on command. She's my favorite character due to her fantastic acting abilities.

There's a level of kink in Night Fire that's disturbing. Shannon's husband doesn't know what no means. He's also into choking Shannon for no reason, and trying to drown her in the jacuzzi. But, in his mind, he's just trying to get freaky. The fella gives freaks a bad name. Also, the couple for hire, might be psychopaths. The opening scene has them doing weirdness to a random couple in an alleyway. I honestly didn't know what was going on for the first few minutes. Plus, when Shannon Tweed is naked, and the scene isn't super sexy, that ain't cool.

The production values are bad. The lighting is all dark, and the camera moves at odd angles. Clearly, the budget for this movie is less than zero. 95% of Night Fire is filmed at a ranch / house. The dialogue is pretty awful and disturbing. There's talk about enjoying sex at gunpoint, and licking people in public. The ending is wacky, and I still don't quite understand what really happened. But, Ms. Tweed is Ms. Tweed no matter what, and Rochelle Swanson is an actress I want to explore more from her filmography. I'm glad I watched, but Cold Sweat is a slightly below-average B movie elevated to watchable statues mainly due to how nice Rochelle Swanson looks in her birthday suit.

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