No One Lives ★★★½

Sometimes you pick the wrong mother fucker to carjack. Scar tissue. Early boobs should tell you something is up. A permanent vacation. The wrong time to visit the local pub. A sudden crash. A surprise in the fuckin trunk. Suicide by knife. A totally non-kinky way to use a pair of handcuffs. A fat-suit. An asshole who thinks he's hot-shit. The bag that exploded guts. Makin' a run for it. There's a reason that fuckin car won't start. Running over the only person with a conscience. The worst time to use a credit card. Tamara gets more than just a bitch-slap in the shower. The kid's last lucky break. Ha ha ha super-nosy motel-clerk. That final touch that sets you free at last. A really-fuckin good under-the-radar horror gem. Luke fuckin Evans is great. My only complaint is the "final girl" sure as fuck ain't no Erin from You're Next. Then again who is?

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