Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

Sometimes we romanticize the wrong people. Killers, thieves, bandits etc etc. QT, never known for passing History class, does something so right, I can’t stop smiling. Instead of painting some sympathetic picture of the Manson Family, he picks Margot Robbie’s Sharon Tate as his rightful muse. The passion in her presence is contagious. She doesn’t have a lot of lines, but this is her movie. Without her character, none of this would be possible.

Brad and Leo are real movie stars. We don’t have many left, in fact, they might be the only two close to being Steve McQueen cool. Both, kick it out of the park. They play so well off each other. This is real acting from real actors who really know how to bring it.

The tone of this QT movie feels different, but in a good way. Yes, we have some bad people, but the good people, are actually good. Some of his previous films have more of a hateful tone, with the lesser of the bad guys being the “good” guy. We still have the sudden and brutal violence we are accustomed to, but it feels right, and not excessive at all. 

Hollywood looks golden. We have music you can sit back and enjoy. Fred Raskin puts on a masterclass in editing. QT fucks the lens so hard, the lens will never be able to ever walk in a straight line again. We have a lot of the dialogue QT enjoys writing. There’s a lot of familiar QT faces. This is QT to the core.

Movies like this don’t come around too often. Easily, my favorite ending of a QT movie. Perhaps, my favorite fianl scene of any movie I’ve ever seen. Simply, flawless cinema, motherfuckers!

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