Phantasm ★★★★

Mike is a little kid who lost his parents in a tragic accident a couple years back. His hero is Jody his super-cool bell bottom jeans wearing older brother. Together along with Reggie the most gangsta ice cream truck driver known to man they must fight an evil like no other. A dark evil. A spooky evil. An evil that is beyond evil. This evil is known simply as The Tall Man. One of the creepiest villains ever in one of the oddest but awesomely awesome horror films ever made. Graveyard bump n' grind. Tit touch. The first time you see The Tall Man. Creepy funeral parlor. Bionic strength. The score is freakishly similar to Halloween. Badass Jody. Mike's dirt bike riding skills. Grandma's glasses. Reggie is quite possibly the only non-creepo ponytail sporting guitar playing ice cream truck driver in the history of cinema. Barroom pimpin'. Why do people enjoy fucking in graveyards? A bed or kitchen counter will do the trick. Panty mouth. Bootleg Tatooine Jawas. Angus swag. I want to drive Jody's car. Fuck! The Tall Man is one scary motherfucker. Hammer time. Slow Timmy. Jody's Stones t-shirt. Mike's curiosity. Casket peek-a-boo. Silver spheres ain't no joke. I would run like a motherfucker if The Tall Man was chasing me. Yellow blood? Finger box. I'm pretty sure these fucked up creatures are the types of shit you hallucinate when you're on strong acid. Garbage disposal nightmare. Always shoot to kill a motherfucker. Jody's steady aim. Car chicken. Mike drives a car like a boss. Reggie's bow tie and vest. Everybody talks like they're high as a kite. Top hat baddie. Tall Man stroll. Jawa carjack. Tall Man snatch and grab. Tall Man giggle. Is it ever fun to ride in the back of a hearse? The bond between Jody and Mike. Reggie the Fearless. Windy wind. Ice cold stab. Tall Man snarl. The last motherfucker you want to see at your window. Fuck fear! Boobie trap. Giant rock. Fireside chat. Don Coscarelli's Phantasm is so much more than a psychedelic horror film. It introduced the world to Angus Scrimm's iconic Tall Man character. His screen time is limited but his legend is infinite. Phantasm is also a film about grief and how we cope when extremely shitty things occur beyond our control. Mike has been to hell and back and through his grief we get to truly experience the monster that is The Tall Man. This is one of my all-time favorite films and I can't recommend it enough.

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