Rambo: Last Blood ★★★½

Sylvester Stallone was born to play John Rambo. He kicks ass, lots of ass. The only problem is we have no other character worth caring about except for John. The baddies suck. We don’t have the non-stop action the last Rambo brought us. This is a different kind of movie. It has a huge payoff, but action fans will have to wait until the final act to get their money’s worth. I don’t know where the franchise goes from here. This could be the last we see of John Rambo. However, what an incredible ride it has been and Sly is still a badass at 73 years young. 

And, when I say the last act is insane, it is madman insane. Save your popcorn for the final 20 minutes or you might find yourself licking the butter out of your empty popcorn bag.

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