Snapdragon ★½

A killer is on the loose. She will find you. She will seduce you. She will cut your throat with a razor blade hidden in her mouth. When a smart cop figures out there's a serial killer roaming the streets; she enlists the help of her psychiatrist boyfriend to profile the murderer. But, is the killer already too close for comfort? Snapdragon is the 1st significant movie role for Pamela Anderson. She does things you would expect her to do, but in the end, Snapdragon falls flat on its face.

Pamela Anderson can give me mouth to mouth any day of the week. She was born for the role of CJ Parker on Baywatch. Naturally, she would progress from Playboy to Baywatch to the big screen. So, if you're going to make an erotic drama featuring one of its biggest stars; you gotta make your picture extra exciting. But, a lot of Snapdragon's sexuality is forced. Pam looks bored in her love scenes, Steven Bauer looks lost, and the biggest crime of them all: Chelsea Field, who plays smart cop, Detective Peck, has two love scenes, and she leaves her clothes on. What? This ain't Oliver Stone's Savages with Blake Lively, this is an After Dark thriller. When you watch movies like this; you expect certain things. I think Chelsea Field is an awesome actress, but I'm still disappointed. Maybe she had a no nudity clause, but why cast her if she did?

Steven Bauer might snore through his role as psychiatrist, Doc Hoogstraten, (Who the fuck made up that name?) but I've been a huge fan since his role in Scarface, and I'm still enjoying watching him do his thing on the TV series, Ray Donovan. I'll give him a pass for this, but I'm not forgetting his mumbling. At least Matt McCoy and his badass beard show up for a supporting turn as Steven's best friend, Bernie.

Pamela Anderson does look nice, and she does talk very sweet in Snapdragon. I prefer her look in this, to just a couple years later when she made a homemade video, and got a tattoo for a Casablanca remake. However, this is an erotic movie that's only erotic if you use your fast forward button. The story is too generic and predictable; it might have a twist, but I'm sure you will see it coming. There's one hilarious line of dialogue, but that's about it. Worth a view if you want to watch all of Ms. Anderson's movies, but for the rest, you can just look up the good parts on the Internet.

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