Spirit Camp ★½

All Cheerleaders must eventually Die

Spirit Camp tries. Well, I guess it tries. It is nothing you haven’t seen before. You know, babes in woods, stalked by killer, oh no, there’s a maniac with an axe. I figured out the killer’s identity way too easy. Lots of shots by the director who’s focusing on the actresses’ breast assests.  The director knows his audience. Plus, he writes the movie and plays a part. Yeah, that’s about it.

What I do like is the Final Girl belongs to an exclusive club: Naked Final Girls. Yay! But, I would’ve paid $5 if the other cheerleaders got naked instead. Sorry, that’s just me. Well, almost all the other cheerleaders. Hell, it is kinda cool the Final Girl looks like a Suicide Girl reject.

The budget is around $8.  But, they’re smart to do a lot of kills off screen. Because, why make your movie kills look cheap, when you can hide your budget restrictions, and not show the kills?

There’s a fat guy who bangs hot babes. False hope, yo. The killer wears a blowup doll mask, or is it a bootleg Leatherface mask? Not quite sure.  It is a SAG movie. Kinda shocking all these actors have SAG cards. Kinda more entertaining than Babysitter Massacre and After School Massacre, Spring Break Massacre and Muck.