Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★★

I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm not a comic book man, fanboy. I'm not pro or anti Marvel or DC. I'm just a fella that wants to have a fun time at the movies. Guess what? I had a fuckin' blast with Suicide Squad. Here's why.

For me, the two main themes of Suicide Squad are badass bitches doing bad as a motherfucker things, and the fuckin' comeback stories of four actors, who pretty much kick so much ass in Suicide Squad, it almost hurts for me to sit down. 

First, well hello, Margot Robbie. Yes, she was born to play, Harley Quinn. Oh, when she swings that bat, blows that bubblegum bubble, and wears that outfit straight outta a Halloween themed Hollister, I'm smiling like a boss. Second, Viola Davis proves she doesn't need any help to be a meaner version of Nick Fury. She's fuckin' ruthless. Third, witches scare me. Fourth, any woman who's handy with a sword, is badass in my book. The women of Suicide Squad, bring the house down!

The comeback story. Will Smith acts like it's 1995 again. He's the heart and soul of Suicide Squad. His back and forth banter with both Robbie and Joel Kinnaman is spot-on. You can't help but cheer for him. Speaking of Kinnaman, his turn as Rick Flag should help ease the pain of the RoboCop reboot. He's a great squad leader. Holy, Jai Courtney! You're the motherfucker! You're the most hilarious person as Boomerang. I almost forgot about A Good Day to Die Hard. Jay Hernandez? Yes, Jay Hernandez. His Diablo story arc is touching and meaningful. If there's one thing David Ayers knows, it's characters. All these fellas bring it!!

Joker. I'm going to say it now: Jared Leto, you're no Heath Ledger. You're just Jared Leto playing Joker. You don't become Joker like Heath did. You're pretty much Harley Quinn's booty call. Again, the golden power of the kitty. I didn't dislike Leto, but if you go to see Suicide Squad just for him, I think you're going to be disappointed. 

The music. You wanna hook me in? Play a mix of The Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil, K7's Come Baby Come, and CCR's Fortunate Son. Oh, fuck yes!  It's like every scene had a badass song to go with it. I was in music heaven.

The action. Ok, it gets confusing at times, but a lot has to do with there's way too many actors. I'm asking myself who's this and who this and where did this person come from? When Will Smith is shooting a motherfucker or Margot Robbie is playing baseball in an elevator, it's balls to the wall fucktastic fuckeration. But, when the bad guy creature things are fighting, I was a bit confused. Overall, it's still popcorn action that pops with a extra tablespoon of butter. You don't go see Suicide Squad to see the second coming of Citizen Kane.

Man, I had so much fun watching. Even the PG-13 rating could've been an R. It had the vibe of a hard-R movie. Of course the bad guys, the real bad guys, not the Suicide Squad, are lame and dull. I'm not counting Joker, because Harley pretty much humanizes Joker. Maybe it's because I don't know the source material, had zero expectations, and didn't read any of those RT reviews, but I loved this fuckin' movie, and I'd be surprised if I have a more fun movie experience this year!

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