Tenet ★★★★

John David Washington is a Man on Fire in Tenet. He walks around acting like the Equalizer, and he owns every scene he’s in. It is almost like his character has a case of Deja Vu. He probably looks the coolest when he has 2 Guns in his hands. 

The sound in Tenet would sound amazing on the biggest theater screen, or that 7 inch black and white TV I owned back in 1983. Crank that sucker up!

John David and R Patz make a dynamic duo. John David is kinda like 007, and R Patz is his witty British sidekick. Give these gentlemen some awards or something like that!

Kenneth Branagh sounds Russian. It must be all those years practicing Shakespeare. Elizabeth Debicki’s character actually has some depth. Good job, Mr Nolan! 

I really enjoyed Tenet. I picked up a lot of clues as I watched. It was probably because I paid attention, and I wasn’t playing on my phone. 

Happy Merry Holidays Christmas!

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