The Devil's Eight ★★½

Lee Marvin's cousin, Charles Bronson's nephew, Jim Brown's step-brother, John Cassavetes's godson, Trini Lopez's uncle, & Telly Savalas's adopted-son star in this kinda-obvious copy-cat of the Dirty Dozen. Running from the law. Making that great escape. Training to take down a Kiss Me Deadly moonshiner. Racial harmony. Shooting guns. Skinny dipping in the dark. A teen-idol with a drinking problem. Dukes of Hazzard driving. Bubba the dumb-fuck. A brother hell-bent on revenge. An agent with an Alias. A final stand. A corny-ass closing song. Why have a Dirty Dozen when Eight is enough? Silly as fuck, but surprisingly kinda-likable with sorta-interesting characters.

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