The Fate of the Furious ★★★★

When the 8th movie in your franchise makes over 500 million dollars globally in one week, does it matter what the critics think?

The Fate of the Furious reminds me of the WWE. Dom turns heel. Deckard turns face. The Rock does a Rock Bottom. People fight. Cars drive. Characters drive tanks and practice extreme body boarding. One of the baddies looks like a Game of Thrones pirate. Charlize Theron is a Total Diva. Scott Eastwood makes my day. Kurt Russell is the man! Ludicrous is ludicrous. Tyrese's Roman might be the heart of the franchise. I know Ramsey's last name. Hell yes!!

My favorite character is Jason Statham's Deckard. The fella is CRANKED to the max. His going all Hard Boiled on an airplane is one of the action highlights. 

Vin is still Dom, but you can tell Father Time is catching up with him. The Dom / Letty endless love story didn't feel as romantical, this time around. I'm sure something can be done to spice things up. 

The franchise ain't running outta gas anytime soon. So, buckle up, motherfuckers, and enjoy the ride!!

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