The Guest

The Guest ★★★★

A grieving family who lost a son during war welcomes a guest into their home. He's friendly, polite, and says all the right things, but is he the really a friend of the deceased as he claims, or something more sinister in Adam Wingard's retro throwback that will leave you begging for more. Jack-o'-lantern. David's Southern charm. Picture proof. Silly bullies. Luke's messy hair. Swingin' Stoner. A college degree might help you get a higher paying job. Sir Spencer. Is John Carpenter working under the pseudonym Steve Moore? The musical score has such a groovy funky Carpenter vibe that you can't help but wonder. The dangers of teen drinking. A pool stick in the right hands makes a helluva weapon. Anna's voice. Ganja smoke. Boyd Crowder's buddy. Dodgeball dork. Familiar party mask. The way you can seriously fuck with someone who's high as a kite. David's eyes. Awesome Mix Vol. 2: the DRIVE remix. The swagger of Lance Reddick. Guns don't kill people, badass motherfuckers do. Ironic wishful thinking. I could listen to the soundtrack on infinite repeat. A kitchen knife Michael Myers might use. Going all T-1000 on some motherfuckers. You shouldn't call people hurtful names. The way David drives a car. Airbags save lives. Spooky haunted house. Dan Stevens screams badass of the year as the mysterious David. He commands the screen with his badassery. The unpredictability of The Guest is insane. There's no way you will see all the twists and turns coming. I'm not sure if maybe there was one too many twists, but Adam Wingard steps up his game and I can't wait for his next project. The Guest isn't flawless. Anna was somewhat annoying, and I'm not quite sold on the ending, but the fun and the awesome totally outweigh the flaws and The Guest is by far one of the most entertaining films of 2014. Recommended for sure.

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