The Raid ★★★★★

An elite squad of cops raid a ruthless-as-fuck drug lord's dungeon of death. A hyper-intense workout. Kissing your wife goodbye and hoping like fuck you will see her again. Headshot. Headshot. Headshot. Headshot. Catching a lucky break for a split-second. Hammer to the fuckin head. A bad lieutenant. A noble-as-fuck sergeant. A badass rookie with a secret agenda. Your last TV show. Shit-stained pants. The alarm of doom. The one honest guy in a building full of crazed fuckers. Hallway insanity. Mad fuckin Dog, the biggest fuckin Academy Award snub ever. Throwing a fucker out the window. A crazy-eyed fuck with a machete. Total darkness, then bullets every fuckin where. Guns take away the rush. Mad Dog vs.Sarge is like Drago vs. Apollo. Fuckin up some fucks in an elevator. Brothers reunited. The greatest fuckin 2 on 1 fight ever. Fighting hard-as-fuck even with a stake in your neck. How the fuck did that one guy with one-and-a-half lines of dialogue live so long? The wrong fuckin time to run out of bullets. Justice served mother fucker. The Raid is one of my favorite films. Mad Dog is one of my favorite characters. Bring on part 2.

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