The Town That Dreaded Sundown

The Town That Dreaded Sundown ★★★½

There's a killer on loose nicknamed the Phantom and everyone is scared shitless. It might be safe during the day, but watch out when nightfall comes in this old school extremely important entertaining slasher. Paperboy. The narrator has a silky smooth sounding voice. Is Texarkana a real state? Sammy the Perv. The Phantom's hoodie potato sack mask ain't no joke. Volkswagen scream. Mr. Fuller? Tit bite. The way the cops talk. It pays to own a raincoat. Tree hugger. I like how the Phantom walks. He walks like he doesn't give a fuck. Ben Johnson is the motherfucker and I'm pretty sure he taught Walker Texas Ranger everything he knows. Difficult to find car keys. Ben Johnson's cigar. Sparkplug Benson's driving skills. Barbershop math. Sexy decoys. Giant walkie talkies. Deputy Mustache. Wholesome high school prom. Some people hate the goofiness of the cops, but I find it hilarious. It's cool as fuck director Charles B. Pierce cast himself as the biggest moron of them all Mr. Patrolman A.C. Sparkplug Benson. Woods crawl. The way the killer fucks motherfuckers up is pretty damn raw and brutal. I think the Phantom is the Zodiac Killer's cousin. Trombone intimidation? Smart doctor. Rainbow Johnson? Now I know why the DJ from my local radio station used that name back when I was a kid. The cops drive like they're in Hazzard County. Tire swing fun. Mary Ann without Ginger or an island. Floyd's undershirt. I like that the Phantom isn't afraid to use a pistol. Imagine if Michael Myers had a handgun or a shotty? Phantom breathing. Extreme sunblock. Lucky break. Choo choo train. Phantom swim. Shiny shoes. Hell yes! The Town That Dreaded Sundown is a very important film for the slasher genre. Along with TCM it paved the way for Halloween, Friday the 13th, and 1000 slasher copycats. Sure the cops are goofy, but that's part of the charm. Ben Johnson makes all films better and this film is no exception. Maybe it should've been more focused on the Phantom, but you gotta start from somewhere. The Zodiac Killer is an obvious influence on this film and I thought the Phantom's mask was ingenious. The film is loosely based on a true story about a series of unsolved murders, so make sure to lock your doors tonight. It has flaws, but if you're a huge fan of slashers like I am, this film is a must watch for you.

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