The Wailing

The Wailing ★★★★½

The Wailing left me speechless in the very best kind of way. I gave up early in the movie trying to figure out exactly what was happening. I decided to enjoy the ride, and try to interpret the key plot elements on rewatches. If you think you can 100% understand this movie on one watch, you're a whole lot smarter than me.

The Chaser, The Yellow Sea and now The Wailing. Director, Hong-jin Na is now a 3 time winner at the game of making marvelous movies. The cinematography is spectacular. The script is one insane rollercoaster of emotions. The gore. The drama. The intensity. The feeling of dread. This is a real horror movie. Nothing cheap. Nothing gimmicky. Simply, pure holy terror.

I talk about the need for smart horror. This wins a gold medal for intellectualism. I don't want to give away too much, but there's a long extended scene of a shaman performing a ritual, that's cinematic bliss. The acting is beyond amazing. So many cool twists and turns. So many things done just right. I might've been clueless at the end, but what a ride The Wailing is! Maybe a chance for 5 stars on future rewatches. Check this one out, today!!

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