The Witch

The Witch ★★★½

I admire Robert Eggers' The VVitch more than I like it. Eggers has written and directed an ambitious horror movie that looks amazing on the screen. You can't deny Eggers put his heart and soul, filming and writing, The VVitch

The cinematography with the old school vibe deserves the highest praise I can give. The 1:66:1 aspect ratio crafted by Jarin Blaschke, to me, is the overall highlight of the movie. I love the opening shot, as the family is being exiled. The look of the lens is perfect. It sets up the feeling of doom throughout the film.

The language used seemed Puritan to me. I like how Eggers explores the temptations of people who try to live "pure" lives. A couple of the scenes involving the brother and sister are great examples. The daily lives of all involved, speak to the Puritan way of life. I would've hated to be a Puritan. 

The music is dreadful in the best kind of way.  Mark Korven knows his mood music. I also noticed a couple instances where silence did the trick over sound. The VVitch is one of the best sounding movies of the year.

Black Phillip is the GOAT! Of course I love Black Phillip. I like the way he looks, dances, talks, the songs the kids sing about him and his billy goat eyes. I want a sequel with Black Phillip going out into to the woods to look for some fresh green grass to eat. 

The actors are good. The little kids are funny. Anya Taylor-Joy is the glue. She holds the cast together. I laughed way more than I should've. I found a lot of scenes unintentionally hilarious. The beginning dragged for me. The middle had a bit of lag, too. It was hard for me to get fully engrossed with the picture. But, this is a super grim, Grimms' Fairy Tale-esque story. However, I'm more Don't Breathe and The Wailing over The VVitch. Please don't tell Black Phillip!


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