Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except ★★★½

Here's an enjoyable Vietnam war buddy movie with a connection to the Evil Dead Cinematic Universe, due to all the players involved. Ash helped develop the story. (He starred in the original short story) His close friend, Josh Becker directs. Sam Raimi hams it up as Charles Manson's diabolical cousin. Ted Raimi is one of the baddies, too. Evil Dead composer, Joseph LoDuca composes a funky beat. Also, special effects makeup artist, Army of Darkness' Gary Jones kills the practical effects. I don't see any reason why EDCU fans shouldn't be in hog heaven.

The budget is less than zero. Good thing the jungles of Vietnam look like Detroit, Michigan. Most of the actors will never appear in another film. Although, all the Vietnam bros are badass. They're like the 4 Amigos. Basically, a fella is hurt in Nam. Comes home, walks with a limp and has a pet dog. He reconnects with an old flame, but she's taken hostage by a cult leader. Good thing his former battle buddies just happen to be in the area to visit, and maybe, just maybe, save the day. 

I love the kills. Some are hilariously hilarious. They ooze practical effects magic. Thou Shalt.. is far from perfect, but Sam Raimi's teeth and the way he talks about sacrificial fluids, are must see movie material. The last 30 minutes are action packed insanity. Thou Shalt.. proves you can do so much with so little if you asemble the right people.