Train to Busan ★★★½

South Korea produces some of the finest cinema, period. Pick your favorite genre, and the Koreans have you covered. Some of my all time favorite movies come from SK. With Train to Busan; it's zombies on a train, and I had a Choo Choo of a fun time. 

Heavy as lead, drama. Train to Busan holds nothing back when it comes to the dramatic drama department. Maybe, a tad bit overboard? I think the narrative slightly suffers due to the dramaintenseerific™. At times, I wanted my popcorn action, without the inserted crying scene. 

The zombies are fresh. Meaning, they do bring something new to the table. I like their speed, fast infection rate and a certain weakness you need to watch the film to discover. 

I'm amazed how almost every child actor in SK cinema seems to be able to channel their inner-Danny Lloyd. The little girl in Train to Busan is lights out. She's probably a better actress than 90% of today's Hollywood. The hero guy is your typical "I'm boring at the beginning, but I grow on you as the movie progresses type of fella." The real star? Perhaps my favorite supporting role of 2016 is Dong-seok Ma's Sang Hwa. Simply put; he's a badass motherfucker who fucks up zombies like a boss. 

There's CG. Not every scene looks realistic. But, that's ok. It's kinda hard to get practical with the crazy shit you see. I love the fight through the train, the terminal adrenaline run rush and a fitting shot of some motherfuckers who get what they deserve. I'm sure there's a ton of social commentary I would better understand if I lived in SK. 

Far from perfect, but Train to Busan is a must watch for fans of trains, zombies and off-key singing.

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