Under the Skin ★★★★

ScarJo cruisin' the hills of Scotland and channeling her inner Natasha Henstridge in Jonathan Glazer's incredibly unique one-of-a-kind viewing experience. Motorcycle zoom zoom. ScarJo naked? Hooker high heels. Ants. The way ScarJo looks in her jeans. Red lipstick makes you more fuckable. Minivan cruisin'. Disorganized directions. You should always buckle up for safety. Lonely guy. Chatty chap. Seductive strip. Disappearing wang. Ocean waves. Wetsuit chum. Lifesaver. ScarJo's jacket. Getting hit in the head with a rock fuckin' hurts. Crying baby. Clubbin' for some lovin'. Leprechaun sounding gent. Sexy backwards walk. Weird as fuck faces. Sideways cock. Fade to what the fuckin' fuck fuck fuckin'? Red rose. ScarJo's eyes. Smart dude. Face first fall. Attack the Block rejects. Hoodie man is the motherfucker. Sensual touching. Fly on the wall. Change of heart. Motorcycle man scares me. Fog borrowed from John Carpenter's The Fog. The way ScarJo eats her cake. Bus boy. Supermarket shopping. The rain. TV dinner. Lucky as fuck mirror. Romantic gesture. Lip service. Perfect atmospheric fucking music. Pussy light. Old and tall trees. Hill walkers? Kitty violation. Guess what's under the fuckin' skin? I'm not the biggest ScarJo fan but I have a new found respect for her. Fantastic performance Ms. ScarJo. Phenomenal directing from Mr. Glazer. An unforgettable score that will haunt you for weeks to come. I'm a huge fan of Glazer's Sexy Beast. If only ScarJo would've given a ride to Ben Kingsley's Don Logan I might've given this film 5 stars. Unique as a motherfucker. Highly recommended.

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