Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead ★★★★

The zombie apocalypse is here. A story that's been repeated over and over throughout the years. This time, it's directed by rookie director Kiah Roache-Turner, and it's set in the Australian outback, and guess what? It's about as creative as a modern zombie movie can be. It's smart, fun, fast paced, hyper violent, and wildly entertaining. Of course there's some mad homage to Mad Max and Dawn of the Dead, but Wyrmwood features the Killer B's of badass characters. Barry the mechanic, his sister Brooke, and the coolest wisecracking sidekick to ever grace the Australian outback, Benny.

Most zombie movies aren't really about zombies, but how humans react to them. Sometimes it's the humans who become the real monsters. But, zombies are still important in Wyrmwood. The zombies, walk more like they're straight outta 2004 Dawn of the Dead, than 1978 Dawn of the Dead. The infection is fast and furious. Human one second, walking dead the next. What's kinda crazy is, you don't have to be bitten, to become infected. Some humans are immune. (Watch the movie to find out why) Did you know the zombies have some very creative abilities? (Again, watch to find out) Overall, these zombies pack a nice bite, and I enjoyed watching them in action.

So why does this flick stand out? Well, it's mostly due to the bad to the bone main characters. Barry is a machine. He's been through pure hell. His backstory is heartbreaking. I almost had to turn my head, because it gets brutal. Plus, he's a boss daddy pimp with a nail gun. He meets Benny, who might be one of the funniest supporting characters in a movie that's not a comedy. Benny is my motherfucker. He looks high as fuck, likes boomerangs, loves beer, cracks jokes 24/7, and can kick zombie ass. He's Daryl Dixon, if Daryl was Aboriginal, and had a sense of humor. He's such a breath of fresh air. Brooke is something special. (Watch to see just how special) She is in a heap of shit at the beginning, and she meets some of those very bad humans I talked about in zombie movies. Her character is probably the one that grows and develops the most. I liked how each of the three central characters had quick, but informative backstories. Such super rad character development, for such a short runtime.

Do you like your zombie apocalypse movies violent as a motherfucker? Do you like John Wick-esque gunplay? Do you like exploding zombie heads? Do you like crazy stunts? Wyrmwood, holds nothing back in the violence department. I love how it's super bloody, and never corny. I'm usually worried the zombie flick I'm watching will turn into some corndog comedy. Thankfully, this is non-stop zombie fighting badassery.

Wyrmwood explains a lot, and I hope you appreciate the creativity and effort made in presenting such a cool flick. There's a couple of supporting characters I wish had a bit more backstory. The one big weakness is the "bad humans" aren't developed at all. There's also no explanation for why they're doing what they're doing. But, that's just a nitpick. Like Jeremy Gardner's The Battery, Wyrmwood is a must watch if you want to watch something more than your typical zombie film. Not that typical zombie flicks are bad, but this piece of Australian entertainment is something special, and I have no problem recommending this to fans of smart zombie action horror fun.

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