• Castle Falls

    Castle Falls


    Castle Falls is an affordable Walter Hill’s Trespass. Both Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren give fan pleasing performances, but the bad guys are so generic and the baddies bring nothing to the table except one baddie with a badass Alabama mullet. 

    Don’t go in expecting another One Shot. Castle Falls takes its time to start cranking up the action. The action is clean when on screen, though.

    I’m not doing dropkicks or backflips because I’m so hyped for you to…

  • Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon


    Lethal Weapon is another blueprint buddy cop movie, and perhaps, the best of the bunch.

    Mel Gibson’s mullet is fantastic. Hell, it would’ve been awesome to watch him brush it. Mel’s Martin Riggs is one of the most complex characters ever in the buddy cop genre. Riggs is a badass. He is a Lethal Weapon

    Danny Glover is the ultimate “straight” guy to Gibson’s loco Riggs. The film works so well because of Gibson and Glover and their onscreen chemistry.…

  • Beverly Hills Cop II

    Beverly Hills Cop II


    I prefer the original, but Beverly Hills Cop II is definitely a sequel that does not suck. 

    This time, all the main characters are buddy buddy to begin with. However, Ronny Cox being AWOL for most of the film makes me sad. 

    Eddie Murphy might tell more jokes in this one, but the sequel is grittier with the Tony Scott direction. No one films in California quite like Tony Scott. The bad guys are more bad in the sequel too. If…

  • Beverly Hills Cop

    Beverly Hills Cop


    Beverly Hills Cop is quintessential Eddie Murphy before he went all Pluto Nash. It is also one of the blueprint buddy cop movies. 

    Axel F might be the greatest theme song to any movie ever made. The entire soundtrack is jammed pack with ‘80s awesomeness.

    Beverly Hills Cop is Eddie’s movie, but it would be criminal not to give shoutouts to Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Ronny Cox and especially, Gilbert R. Hill (Inspector Todd). The supporting cast simply clicks with each other. 

    The heat is definitely on with Beverly Hills Cop!

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Wrath of Man holds up great on a rewatch. This time I noticed how damn good the sound is throughout, and I also noticed how no time is wasted during the movie. Every scene \ situation is given just the right amount of time. There is some time shifting, but the scenes are easy to follow. You are not confused with the flashback sequences.

    A film is only as good as its biggest weakness, and I now believe Scott Eastwood…

  • Murder at 1600

    Murder at 1600


    I like political thrillers from the ‘90s that aren’t obviously slanted in one direction or another. Murder at 1600 finds Wesley Snipes investigating murder at the White House, and he gets some help from Diane Lane and Dennis Miller. Fun times. 

    I hope no one forgets how cool Wesley Snipes was back in the day. He is his usual badass self in this. Alan Alda and Daniel Benzali both deserve credit for their supporting roles. Tate Donovan’s subplot gets lost, but the film is still mostly coherent. 

    Murder at 1600 is my type of film. I am pleased with how well it holds up.

  • Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

    Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins


    What were you expecting, The Raid?

    Snake Eyes is a lot better than its average score. I was expecting an abomination of an action film. Instead, Snake Eyes works for the most part. Henry Golding’s versatility as an actor shows. Andrew Koji is the man, especially early in the movie. Stop crying about the lack of Scarlett. The last time I checked, this is a Snake Eyes origin story. 

    If you think the fights look bad, image if Kenji wasn’t the…

  • True Romance

    True Romance


    Just a few points:

    True Romance is a Tony Scott film with a script from QT. A lot of people say this is a QT movie, but I disagree. Sure we have some QT-esque dialogue, and Christian Slater is pretty much acting like some version of QT from the ‘80s, but the overall tone yells Tony Scott. The violence. The way the film is shot. And probably most importantly: the ending. Without giving anything away, this is not an ending…

  • The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil

    The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil


    More Don Lee being badass.

    The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil is an entertaining Korean action thriller that feels more like a Hong Kong righteous cop flick. Don Lee throws more haymakers, but it is not on the level of The Chaser or I Saw the Devil in regards to badass SK serial killer flicks. 

    TGTCTD at times looks like it might be heading in the buddy cop genre, but it doesn’t quite go that route. The film is all over the place, and the editing might throw some off at times, but it is always fun watching Don Lee be Don Lee.

  • Unstoppable



    Don Lee is unstoppable.

    Good lord! Don Lee throwing haymakers like a crazy man, but you have to get past the first 45 minutes or so. Order yourself a pizza. Drink a couple of beers and wait for Don to go bananas. 

    Unstoppable is all over the place, but if you can make it to the action, you will be rewarded. 

    Cast Don Lee in all movies. Every last one of them.

  • Never Back Down: Revolt

    Never Back Down: Revolt


    A sequel in name only, Never Back Down: Revolt is a frustrating watch. The fights are awful and look like amateur hour. 

    The heroes are dull. We are missing a lead you can cheer for. I checked out of this one fairly quickly, and the only reason I finished watching is because I was mailed the Blu-ray to review. Fun times. 

    Full review on BULLETPROOF ACTION 

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise


    Dwayne Johnson has more chemistry with an actual rock, than he does with his leading lady / love interest, Emily Blunt. 

    The Rock is making a case for multiple Razzie awards in 2021. I think we all miss the days of Faster, Walking Tall and The Rundown. He simply doesn’t lay the smack down on anything but the Green Screen in Atlanta, Georgia. 

    Sometimes rides at theme parks make for cool movies. Sometimes they don’t. I think Jungle Cruise is a boat I don’t ever feel like cruising on again.