Sorcerer ★★

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I probably would have loved this if I hadn’t watched Wages of Fear a few hours ago. But I don’t think this film even come close that film. 

My main issue with this film is the never ending set-up. The original hooked me within minutes and got me invested in every character. I could not care less about anyone in this film. 

When we finally get to the action I was excited only to be disappointed by a lack of stakes. In Wages of Fear I felt they could blow up any second but in Sorcerer they can cross a deadly bridge in a devastating storm with no consequences OK! Speaking of that scene, I couldn’t help but feel that to even attempt that was just a stupid thing to do. 

I have to admit William Friedkin is a talented director and he crafted a well made film but the direction of the original was far superior. 

Wages of Fear’s ending was perfect and the ending for this doesn’t even come close. 

I don’t get the love for this, I didn’t care about anything that was happening. I’m sure I’m just missing something so please feel free to comment telling me why I am wrong.

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