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  • The Mule

    The Mule


    Kind of like "Breaking Bad" if Vince Gilligan knew nothing about tone nor pacing and Walt was an indifferent 90 year old racist whom you have no reason to care about.

  • Shirkers



    A tale of explosive creativity and youthful ambition betrayed and destroyed by a gray faced sociopath. Funny, tragic, expertly done--perhaps the doc of the year. Also, I'd gladly donate to a Kickstarter to recreate the original soundtrack.

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  • Jamie Marks Is Dead

    Jamie Marks Is Dead


    A lot of time and energy was spent carefully and thoroughly crafting a look, a mood, and an atmosphere of dread. Locked off widescreen compositions, drained of color, with lots of teenagers with pasty white (or gray) skin filling the frame. If only the same care was given to character development. I noticed several instances where someone would ask a question or make a statement only to be told never mind, or it's not important. This seems to justify leaving…

  • Thelma



    A shallow shell of a character, the Thelma at the center of THELMA doesn't know what's going on and neither do we. There's lots of tropes thrown at us: religious fervor (oh she's like a Salem Witch), frustrated lesbian who doesn't want to admit she's a lesbian, outsider teenage angst, mysterious dark family history, X Men style superhero who doesn't know she's a superhero... all just napkin sketches that, seemingly by design, never resolve into anything coherent.

    Eili Harboe tries…