Thelma ★★

A shallow shell of a character, the Thelma at the center of THELMA doesn't know what's going on and neither do we. There's lots of tropes thrown at us: religious fervor (oh she's like a Salem Witch), frustrated lesbian who doesn't want to admit she's a lesbian, outsider teenage angst, mysterious dark family history, X Men style superhero who doesn't know she's a superhero... all just napkin sketches that, seemingly by design, never resolve into anything coherent.

Eili Harboe tries her damnedest to internalize some substance to Thelma and her commitment is commendable, but the script is 2 or 3 drafts from giving her help.

Also Trier's "male gaze" gets really icky in a few spots, including some of the prolonged lesbian fantasy scenes and, most especially, a gratuitous bathtub scene that adds nothing to the narrative. Trier needs to reign in his own fantasies and concentrate more on flushing out his characters.