Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

This is the biggest case of false advertising in a long time. They advertised the shit out of Jared Lento, he's barely in the movie. There's numerous scenes from the trailers, they're not in the movie. It's called Suicide Squad, and one person dies. That just feels wrong.

I like Jared Leto's Joker. I like The Characters. I like The like Music and The Vibe. Everything else is shit. I mean, shit. The Editing sucks. It's so choppy and jumpy. It hops around so much.

The Writing is so poor. Nothing makes any sense. It's a mess. The motivations are off. The story is so jumbled. A Witch creates a light in the sky? Or something like that. Still, it barely crosses the finish line. The characters are entertaining enough just to slide by.

The first 40 minutes are good. The mission starts and it falls apart. Everything is all wrong. Why are they going to fight a witch? They should be doing something realistic.

The music is used to death. They just keep playing hit songs. It feels like a series of random music videos. They're constantly switching music too.

What Happened? This looked great. I don't know. I'm guessing studio interference. I'm hoping DC gets it together. I have hope for Justice League.

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